Happy Christmas!

Thank you to all my fabulous clients this year! I have loved the experience and have relished the honour of capturing special moments in your lives.

One of the unexpected perks of doing this photography thing – and it really was not something I ever anticipated – is that my clients (if they weren’t already) become my friends! I bump into them at the shops, I enjoy reading their status updates on good old Facebook and my life is richer for their being in it.

So to all of you – old friends, new friends, friends I’ve not even met and of course, my supportive family – have a wonderful Christmas and a stunning New Year!

I can’t think of a better way to wish you the best for the Season than with the happy faces of these gorgeous children…

Thank you to Georgia (12), Amelia (22 mths), Sienna (8 mths), Abbey Kim (6 mths) and their wonderful mums! Such a delightful family. They are a making a very special Christmas present for their grandmother with these photos!

2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Happy Christmas back to you and yours. From weirdly warm for this time of year, Colorado Springs, CO.

    Btw, how did your wedding shoot go?

    Be well

    Laurence Zankowski

  2. Oh did you know that it is my greatest ambition in life to get this exact christmas present from my children! What a beautiful beautiful idea, and so wonderfully realised too! Happy Christmas to you, hubby and my adorabubble niece.

    See you soon!! Yay!!!


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